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When the collective consciousness of any nation is coherent—which means that individuals are living life in accord with Natural Law and national law—then every individual will naturally uphold his own cherished cultural traditions while embracing all that enriches national life and promotes progress. Impervious to any negative influences from within or without, peaceful coexistence with all other nations is the natural result.

'Even a small fraction of the population practising the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme purifies collective consciousness, so that the whole community lives in greater harmony with the Laws of Nature. The time is fast approaching when each nation and culture, on the basis of an invincible national consciousness, will flourish in its uniqueness, while living in harmony with all other nations and cultures.'

Maharishi's Programmes to Create Heaven on Earth (132-page publication)

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Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation®
the Basis of Vedic Culture—Global Culture, is taught worldwide:
Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Technique must be learned from a qualified teacher of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme. The technique cannot be learned from a book, video or audio tape.

For information on where to learn Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation in countries not listed below, please submit a request to www.tm.org/contact-us.

The following list represents only those countries which have established a website for promoting Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation in their country, but Transcendental Meditation is actually taught in over one hundred countries in the world.

Asia and Pacific

India: www.maharishi-india.org
Australia: www.tmprogram.com.au
China: www.tmchina.org
Hong Kong: www.tmhongkong.org
Japan: www.maharishi.co.jp
Kazakhstan: www.tm-meditation.kz
Malaysia: www.meditation.my
Nepal: www.maharishi.org.np
New Zealand: www.tm.org.nz
South Korea: www.tm-korea.org
Taiwan: www.tm.org.tw
Thailand: www.rajapark.ac.th
Turkey: (please see under Europe)

North America

Canada: www.maharishi.ca
Mexico: www.mt.org.mx
USA: www.tm.org

South America

Argentina: www.mt.org.ar
Brazil: www.meditacaotranscendental.com.br
Chile: www.maharishi.cl
Peru: www.mtperu.com and www.perumeditacion.com


Israel: www.tm1.org.il
Lebanon and the Middle East: www.maharishitm.org and www.arabictm.org
United Arab Emirates: www.tm.ae


Africa: www.tm-africa.org
Algeria: www.mt-algerie.org
Ghana: http://tmmeditationghana.org
Nigeria: www.meditationnigeria.org
Republic of South Africa: www.tm.org.za and www.tmindurban.co.za


Albania: http://al.tm.org
Austria: www.meditation.at
Belgium: www.www.tm-mt.be
Croatia: www.tm-savez.hr
Czech Republic: http://cz.tm.org
Denmark: www.tmnu.dk, www.meditertm.dk and www.globalcountry.dk
Estonia: www.tmkeskus.ee
Finland: www.tm-meditaatio.org
France: www.mt-maharishi.com
Germany: www.transzendentale-meditation.de
Greece: http://tm-gmdo.gr
Iceland: www.ihugun.is
Ireland: www.tm-ireland.org
Italy: www.maharishi.it and www.meditazionetrascendentale.it
Kosovo: http://al.tm.org
Lithuania: www.lt-tm.lt
Macedonia: http://mk.tm.org
Magyarország (Hamsa, Hungary): www.tminfo.hu and www.tmhirek.hu
The Netherlands: www.tm.nl
Northern Ireland: www.tmbelfast.org
Norway: http://tm-meditasjon.no
Poland: www.idealnaedukacja.org
Romania: http://m-t.ro
Russia: www.maharishi-tm.ru
Scotland: www.tmscotland.org
Serbia: www.tm.org.rs
Slovenia: www.atma.si
Spain: www.meditaciontrascendental.es
Sweden: www.tm-meditation.se
Switzerland: www.meditation-tm.ch
Turkey: www.transandantalmeditasyon.com
Ukraine: www.tm.org.ua
United Kingdom: www.t-m.org.uk

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