'There is one world, created by Natural Law, and there is one Government of Natural Law to govern the world and the universe around it.

'Everything in our world and our universe is governed in a perfectly orderly manner with such precision and perfection that it is obvious that the administering intelligence of the universe, which conducts this orderly evolution of everyone and everything, is a perfect administrator.

'The secret of this perfection in administration of the vast, ever-expanding universe is in automation, evolution, and the action-independent, self-referral, self-sufficient, spontaneous functioning of Cosmic Creative Intelligence—the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

'The absolute order of this administration is eternally secured in its purity because it is located in the transcendental field of life—Unity—where in its absolute purity, beyond the reach of anything, nothing can disturb it, nothing can pollute it, nothing can corrupt it. It is safely secured in its own absolute, invincible, self-sufficient state. It is established in the absolute state of defence.

'What is most fortunate is that the quality of this absolute administration of Natural Law can be inherited by any government.

'The procedure is now available for every government to raise its administration to the level of this perfect administration of Nature's Government, which governs through Natural Law, nourishes all life, and maintains administration always evolutionary, always free from problems.

'Prevention of problems through evolution-based, perfect administration through Natural Law is the characteristic of administration of Cosmic Intelligence—the Government of Nature—which functions from that self-referral level where problems can never exist.

'When all governments in the world rise to this level of perfect administration, then the world will be in accord with the same level of order that prevails in Nature. This will be the realization of the supreme quality of administration.

'Diversity of country, culture, language, climate, and religion will continue; man-made constitutions of governments will continue; diverse governments will maintain their sovereignty just as each galaxy in the universe maintains its sovereignty; all sovereign governments will maintain their different identities just as all the galaxies maintain their individuality in the grand cosmic wholeness of the ever-expanding universe—they will all remain automatically aligned with the one unified Cosmic Administration, which maintains the unity of all diversity.'

Celebrating Perfection in Administration, Creating Invincible India (418-page publication)

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For information on where to learn Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation in countries not listed below, please submit a request to www.tm.org/contact-us.

The following list represents only those countries which have established a website for promoting Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation in their country, but Transcendental Meditation is actually taught in over one hundred countries in the world.

Asia and Pacific

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Australia: www.tmprogram.com.au
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Japan: www.maharishi.co.jp
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Nepal: www.maharishi.org.np
New Zealand: www.tm.org.nz
South Korea: www.tm-korea.org
Taiwan: www.tm.org.tw
Thailand: www.rajapark.ac.th
Turkey: (please see under Europe)

North America

Canada: www.maharishi.ca
Mexico: www.mt.org.mx
USA: www.tm.org

South America

Argentina: www.mt.org.ar
Bolivia: www.mt-bolivia.org
Brazil: www.meditacaotranscendental.com.br
Chile: www.maharishi.cl


Israel: www.maharishi-meditation.org.il and www.tm1.org.il
Lebanon and the Middle East: www.maharishitm.org and www.arabictm.org
United Arab Emirates: www.tm.ae


Africa: www.tm-africa.org
Algeria: www.mt-algerie.org
Ghana: http://tmmeditationghana.org
Nigeria: www.meditationnigeria.org
Republic of South Africa: www.tm.org.za and www.tmindurban.co.za


Albania: http://al.tm.org
Austria: www.meditation.at
Belgium: www.www.tm-mt.be
Croatia: www.tm-savez.hr
Czech Republic: http://cz.tm.org
Denmark: www.tmnu.dk, www.meditertm.dk and www.globalcountry.dk
Estonia: www.tmkeskus.ee
Finland: www.tm-meditaatio.org
France: www.mt-maharishi.com
Germany: www.transzendentale-meditation.de
Greece: http://tm-gmdo.gr
Iceland: www.ihugun.is
Ireland: www.tm-ireland.org
Italy: www.maharishi.it and www.meditazionetrascendentale.it
Kosovo: http://al.tm.org
Lithuania: www.lt-tm.lt
Macedonia: http://mk.tm.org
Magyarország (Hamsa, Hungary): www.tminfo.hu and www.tmhirek.hu
The Netherlands: www.tm.nl
Northern Ireland: www.tmbelfast.org
Norway: http://tm-meditasjon.no
Poland: www.idealnaedukacja.org
Romania: http://m-t.ro
Russia: www.maharishi-tm.ru
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Serbia: www.tm.org.rs
Slovenia: www.atma.si
Spain: www.meditaciontrascendental.es
Sweden: www.tm-meditation.se
Switzerland: www.meditation-tm.ch
Turkey: www.transandantalmeditasyon.com
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United Kingdom: www.t-m.org.uk

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