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Index from March 2006 to January 2012

The Ideal Society Index for previous years is displayed below:





Note that there may be some slight discontinuity between the above charts, and the two below.

Maharishi introduced many initiatives that could help raise the size of Coherence-creating Groups of Yogic Flyers during 2007, until he retired from activity in January 2008.


During April 2006, Holland achieved its Super Radiance number of Yogic Flyers. In July, at the height of hostilities between Israel and Lebanon, the Invincible America Assembly began. As the number of Course Participants rose, so did the Index. The numbers declined when school resumed, but this was counteracted by the arrival of Maharishi Vedic Pandits from the end of October. By the end of November, the US Super Radiance Number—a group of 1733 Yogic Flyers—was achieved.


For the previous two years, the chart below reflects the monthly variation from 20 March 2006 to the end of 2007.

Optimizing Brain Functioning through Yogic Flying
Creating Coherence and Positivity in World Consciousness

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The Ideal Society Index

Documenting the dawn of a better time

In his Press Conference on 25 May 2005, Maharishi said: ‘Jai Guru Dev. It is good to know from the world press that the expectation is materializing, even though, from our standards, we would have liked the increase of intensity at every stage. But whatever is happening is satisfactory to us. Day by day, it is like one ray of the sun opening one day, another ray of the sun opening another day. We would have liked the whole galaxy and all number of rays of the sun flooding the world every day, starting from any day that we have in hand now. Nevertheless, with whatever destiny of the world, we are proceeding in a satisfactory manner. Day by day, something good is happening.

‘The world is becoming better and better. In the meantime, what I am seeing is that if the cloth is very dirty, you put it in once, you rinse it once in soap water, and take it out. What happens in one rinsing, the first rinsing? The spots begin to show up more than before. Somewhere, there is some cleanness and neatness, but somewhere, some spots begin to show up more than before. This is due to the contrast. I am also beginning to witness that. Somewhere there is harmony, as nicely reported by the world press, and somewhere there is the visibility of the patches, which are also reported by the world press. That is within the expectation—somewhere here and there.

‘This is the good news every day—something nice and some little patches here and there. It does not matter. All these patches, with a few more rinses in the soap, are going to be washed off.'
‘It is a beautiful picture of the world that is growing. Tell the press and thank the press. They have started to bring out things that are showing some hope for the world as days go by.’

On 29 July 2007, Maharishi, in celebrating the Dawn of Global Invincibility, said: ‘One hundred and ninety-two countries in the light of Guru Dev’s blessings will enjoy invincibility. Their sovereignty will blossom in the light of invincibility—no lack of anything, no diversity, no conflict, no negativity, no suffering.


On 11 January 2008 Maharishi concluded:

‘It’s a great, great work that has developed, that a few people Yogic Flying and the world will be spontaneously in terms of harmony—harmony in the world, harmony in the world. Throughout the globe there will be no ups and downs. The world will ever be in peace, harmony, happiness, invincibility. All Glory to Guru Dev. No end to these waves of bliss.’



Maharishi has called upon the press to be alert to positive trends rising throughout the world:


'I have to say to the world press, watch, and report what you see. What you see in the world is a whisper of the eternal song of the administration of the universe. Freedom, peace, prosperity, invincibility, these are the qualities being produced in the units of administration of the universe. Units of administration of the universe are in every nation. Now the world press has to see, and see, and see. And report what you see. 


'Our days of speaking are soon coming to an end. Of course we will continue to speak, but that speech will be the talk of freedom, the talk of sovereignty, the talk of invincibility. It's a beautiful transformation of the world. That is for the world press to report. Invite the most fortunate world press of today, the year 2006, that it is to report the transformation of this troubled world into a very peaceful, dignified, enormously independent, coherent world of this afternoon; and such a world of tomorrow, and every tomorrow that is to come.'


Global Press Conference, 5 April 2006

The Ideal Society Index is a mirror of the transformation of time, being brought about by groups of Yogic Flyers around the world. It is very important that future generations can look back and say that this was the time of transformation, and this transformation was brought about by groups of Yogic Flyers. That is the key observation to record, so that no future generation loses the key—loses the knowledge of how the transformation of society was achieved, and never makes the mistake of receding from their commitment to these coherence-creating groups throughout the world.


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