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The Ideal Society Index

Documenting the dawn of a better time

In 1978 scientists at Maharishi European Research University (MERU) in Switzerland designed the MERU Ideal Society Index to measure the improved quality of life in 108 countries participating in the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment's pilot project to create models of an Ideal Societyone of the largest and most complete sociological experiments ever conducted.


The pilot project utilized the discovery of the Extended Maharishi Effect, a phenomenon whereby as little as the square root of one percent of a population practising Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme in a group has been shown to have a positive effect on the quality of life of society as a whole. To date nearly fifty scientific research studies have documented the Maharishi Effect.


Maharishi's programmes have continued to expand around the world, spreading the light of total knowledge of Natural Law and eradicating the darkness of ignorance, problems, and suffering. Year after year, the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, inaugurated by Maharishi in 1975, has gradually become brighter and brighter as millions of individuals practising Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying, and groups of Yogic Flyers in various parts of the world, have radiated an indomitable influence of positivity and coherence.


On 26 January 2006, Maharishi announced that 144 countries in the world had been allocated to the Vedic Panditsexperts in Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousnessat the Brahmasthan (centre) of India, giving each country the support of their Vedic Performances to enliven the total potential of Natural Law in collective consciousness. 'These are the days of a new civilization on earth' , Maharishi said. ' Doesn't matter what the past has been. We will design a new sunshine.'


Furthermore, in February 2006, Maharishi and his Global Country of World peace adopted twenty-four nations throughout the world, to ensure that theyand soon all nationsrise in peace and invincibility, and experience prevention-oriented, problem-free administration, capable of providing a high quality of life for its citizens, free from problems and suffering.


The countries adopted in this first phase are: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, New Zealand, Latvia, Lebanon, Moldova, Slovenia, Bosnia, India, Germany, Italy, Holland, Egypt, Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Thailand, Hungary, Portugal. The Global Country of World Peace will establish in each adopted country a group of Yogic Flyers to create coherence in collective consciousnessthe basis of national invincibility. The size of the groupfrom a few hundred to a few thousand expertswill depend upon the size of the population of the nation.


On 15 March 2006 Maharishi declared:

'During this year, the world press will have very little negativity to report, because it will die out of its own death. When the light comes, darkness cannot remain. When coherence rises in national consciousness, conflicting thoughts and problems and difficulties and sickness and all that is anti-life will simply disappear. Life will glow on its own levelBliss Consciousness.'


Maharishi's timely 'intervention' in the course of world events is the inspiration for the Ideal Society Index on the Global Good News (sm) website. It is a joy for the Global Good News service to begin featuring an Ideal Society Index as a way to chart the extraordinary transformation of time now taking place around the globe.


In April 2006, the home page of the Global Good News website began to feature a link to the Ideal Society Index, documenting the rise of the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, week by week and month by month, based upon an analysis of the top ten daily news reports from the world press (Reuters), rated as either positive, negative, or neutral.


In an address to the World Government of the Age of Enlightenment on the occasion of the Celebration of Invincibility to Every Nation, on 21 October 1977, Maharishi explained the importance and validity of charting the rise of the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment:


'When we inaugurated the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment three years ago, it was still dark and there was a great intensity of economic depression and inflation, and there were cries from everywhere. But we saw the forthcoming sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment and we declared itsomeone has to say what is going to come tomorrow. We have that golden vision to see only right things, because we know the power of good is greater than any other power, and we see the power of good rising in the world. So it is not on the basis of hope to humanity that we are celebrating Invincibility to Every Nation, for we have seen the signs of every nation rising to invincibility. It is on the basis of statistics of events in the nations, and expressions of the heads of state in so many countries, that we find invincibility for every nation to be a reality.'




On 27 March 2006, the following headline appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist of British Columbia, Canada: Peace breaks out all around us: Despite high-profile conflicts, warfare's toll has been falling since the late 1980s. The article states that a major study released at the end of March by the University of British Columbia reveals that war and conflict are in strong decline. Since the late 1980's, armed conflicts have actually decreased by over 40 percent throughout the world. As a result, the arms trade has declined, more troops than ever are being de-mobilized or re-directed to peaceful duties.


Today, more than ever before, we have the good fortune to see the light of a better time dawning in the world. By describing Maharishi's programmes for all areas of life, reporting the good news of rising positivity in the world, and depicting the growing positivity in world events in the Ideal Society Index graphs, the Global Good News website is educating the public about the possibility of creating an Ideal Society and showing that good news is more newsworthy than bad news.


Moreover, the Global Good News service and all the visitors to our website are in fact helping to hasten this transformation of time. Measurement Theory of Quantum Physics states that the observer affects the observed. It is a scientific reality that the very act of the public putting their attention on positive trends encourages those trends.


Maharishi has called upon the press to be alert to positive trends rising throughout the world:


'I have to say to the world press, watch, and report what you see. What you see in the world is a whisper of the eternal song of the administration of the universe. Freedom, peace, prosperity, invincibility, these are the qualities being produced in the units of administration of the universe. Units of administration of the universe are in every nation. Now the world press has to see, and see, and see. And report what you see. 


'Our days of speaking are soon coming to an end. Of course we will continue to speak, but that speech will be the talk of freedom, the talk of sovereignty, the talk of invincibility. It's a beautiful transformation of the world. That is for the world press to report. Invite the most fortunate world press of today, the year 2006, that it is to report the transformation of this troubled world into a very peaceful, dignified, enormously independent, coherent world of this afternoon; and such a world of tomorrow, and every tomorrow that is to come.'


Global Press Conference, 5 April 2006 The Ideal Society Index is a mirror of the transformation of time, being brought about by groups of Yogic Flyers around the world. It is very important that future generations can look back and say that this was the time of transformation, and this transformation was brought about by groups of Yogic Flyers. That is the key observation to record, so that no future generation loses the key—loses the knowledge of how the transformation of society was achieved, and never makes the mistake of receding from their commitment to these coherence-creating groups.


To be updated

The Ideal Society Index records the transformation of world events being brought about by group practice around the world of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying.

Month chart

The above graph reflects the monthly variation in positivity of world headline news since November 2010. ‘Arab Spring’ events , began in February 2011. In September 2012, the media began to realize that they have the power to uplift collective consciousness and a moral responsibility to take an active role in promoting a life-supporting media environment for the people.

Each day, ten Reuters ‘Top News’ articles are classified as either positive, negative, or neutral. Positive articles are rated at +1, neutral articles at 0, and negative articles at –1. The month’s rating total is converted into an index with a possible range of –100 (100% negative) to +100 (100% positive).

For graphs of the variations in the Index for previous years since March 2006, click here.

Currently, large groups of experts in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying, are being established in North America, Latin America, and India. Their influence is contributing to a rise in coherence in world consciousness. As the size of these groups grows, and especially as the size of the largest group of experts in India reaches the square root of one per cent of the world’s population—currently 8,400 people—a profound transformation in world consciousness will be evident, as the media is an innocent mirror of the level of collective consciousness of the people.

For finer details of the variation in the Index after October 2011, the Fortnightly variation is shown below:

Fortnight chart

The media is an innocent mirror of collective consciousness. With the awakening of collective consciousness in the world we see the media becoming aware of their moral responsibilities. Governments are also an innocent mirror of collective consciousness.


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