Vedic Agriculture

'We are adding the word "Vedic" to organic because "Veda" means "knowledge"—Total Knowledge—so adding "Vedic" means applying the organizing power of Total Knowledge to the field of agriculture.


"Vedic Organic" means organic agriculture enriched by the nourishing influence of Veda—the nourishing influence of Natural Law—as available in the melodies of the Vedic Sounds, the melodies of the Vedic Literature.


Natural Law is the intelligence of Nature constituting all the Laws of Nature responsible for creation and evolution—the cycles of life and creation.


The creative impulses of the Laws of Nature—Vedic Vibrations—are the vibrations that carry the nourishing influence of the evolutionary quality of the Laws of Nature fundamental to the growth of the plant and the nutrients within it.


There are forty fundamental structures of sound—forty values of Vedic Sound—that constitute every aspect of the structural and functional aspects of the plant—the plant's physiology and the intelligence that creates it and functions through it.

These forty values of intelligence are the Laws of Nature that are lively in their concentrated form in the seed of the plant. As the seed sprouts, these forty values of Creative Intelligence together promote the evolution of every fibre of the plant for all its material values.

These forty values constitute the essence of intelligence, the information that is carried in the finest fibre of the plant as it expresses its material value emerging from the abstract, unmanifest intelligence of the sap—evolving from its unmanifest value to its manifest value.


These forty values of pure intelligence, of Veda, will be enlivened for their fully blossomed potential when these melodies are sung in the fields.


The healing and nourishing influence of Vedic Sound is well documented by scientific research, not only in human life, but also in the animal and plant kingdoms.


When the natural sounds of Nature, the sounds of Natural Law, the sounds of the Veda, are sung, they resonate with the structured sound in Nature, enlivening and revitalizing life from its source and influencing every level of evolution—individual to Cosmic.


The Vedic Melodies (Vedic Recitations) are so organized that at each stage of the growth of the plant there are suitable melodies to bring about the full blossoming of that stage of development, so that at each stage the plant develops in the fullness of its structure and function—for its full nutritional and life-supporting values.


The "Vedic" element added to organic agriculture is a phenomenon of intelligence—a phenomenon of consciousness—a phenomenon of the Creative Intelligence of Nature directly applied to support different stages of evolution of the plant and the nutrients within it.


When the difference between conventional agriculture and organic agriculture has been realized, then as a second stage of adding a more nourishing value, the "Vedic" value is being added to bring the advantage of the total nourishing value and total nourishing power to the food that we eat.


Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture therefore offers the most nourishing quality of food.


This is the gift of "VEDIC" to the field of "organic".'        

Ideal India—the Lighthouse of Peace on Earth (536-page publication)

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