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The UNESCO charter reads in part, 'War begins in the minds of men.' Maharishi's Vedic Science of Consciousness points out, moreover, that war begins not in the individual minds of politicians or generals, but rather in the collective consciousness of entire societies.

Peace-creating groups practising Maharishi's Vedic Technologies act from the level of total Natural Law to prevent terrorism and war by dissolving stress in the collective consciousness before it can break out as social violence.

'Now, with the rise of the invincible, nourishing power of Natural Law, there is a real means for achieving a permanent state of world peace. Now is the time to organize invincible perpetual peace through Natural Law.

'It is clear that on the basis of power of armament, peace will never be lasting; and again, the power of negotiation, being devoid of power, will always be baseless.

'Peace on a permanent basis can only be established on the basis of nourishing power-invincible nourishing power. Such an eternally nourishing power is available in the evolutionary power of Natural Law, which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order and harmony.'

Ideal India—Lighthouse of Peace on Earth (536-page publication)

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