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Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education is Vedic Education—education based on total knowledge of Natural Law.

Maharishi has brought to light the missing element at the basis of education—the field of pure consciousness (Transcendental Consciousness), which lies at the source of thought and is the fountainhead of Natural Law. The experience of Transcendental Consciousness, which awakens the total functioning of the brain, makes it possible to unfold the full creative potential of every student.

Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education is offered in hundreds of schools and universities around the world—in India, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Cambodia, Russia, Kenya, Australia, Great Britain, and other countries.

'First experience, then understanding, then application, then authenticity; then organize to perpetuate this holistic path of enlightenment through the tradition of teaching in the long corridor of time. The tradition of teaching has its source in the eternal flow of the wholeness of knowledge. Every teacher of this holistic science of life is a moving wholeness.'


Maharishi Speaks to Educators, Mastery Over Natural Law (902-page publication)

CBEd booklet Summary of Scientific Research on Consciousness-Based Education – PDF


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