Only peaceful individuals can make a peaceful world. Maharishi's Programme to Create World Peace is based on creating peace and harmony within individuals by opening their awareness to the field of infinite peace located deep within the mind of everyone, and radiating that influence of peace into the environment.

Maharishi's TM-Sidhi Programme of Yogic Flying is the mechanics to create peace and harmony in individual and world consciousness, which is the basis of world peace.

'It needed a scientific age for the world to appreciate the significance of the philosophy of Yoga and its practical application in creating integrated individuals, integrated nations, and an integrated world family.

'Yoga means union, the union of the individual awareness with the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature in the state of Transcendental Consciousness. "Yogic Flying" demonstrates the ability of the individual to act from the Unified Field and enliven the total potential of Natural Law in all its expressions—mind, body, behaviour, and environment. "Yogic Flying" presents in miniature the flight of galaxies in space, all unified in perfect order by Natural Law.

'The mind-body coordination displayed by "Yogic Flying" shows that consciousness and its expression—the physiology—are in perfect balance. Scientific research has found maximum coherence in human brain functioning during "Yogic Flying". As the coherently functioning human brain is the unit of world peace, "Yogic Flying" is the mechanics to make world peace a reality, and thereby bring world health, world happiness, world prosperity, a world free from suffering—Heaven on Earth in this generation.'

(Maharishi's Inaugural Address of his Programme to Create World Peace, July 1986,
Maharishi Nagar, India)

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