Today, at this auspicious time, we are inaugurating the World Capital of Peace in the Brahma-Sthan of India, centre of India. The distinguished Vedic Pandits of India and leading scientists of the world like Dr John Hagelin and Dr Volker Schanbacher, accompanied by the illustrious Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace, are inaugurating the World Capital of Peace at the Brahma-Sthan of Veda Bhumi Bharat, the centre of India.

Today, the voice of India, the clarion call of our world is:

Brahmanand Saraswati Vijayante Taram, Brahmanand Saraswati Vijayante Taram
Vedic Vishwa Prashasan Vijayante Taram, Vishwa Vyapi Ram Raj Vijayante Taram

Glory to the great Masters of the Vedic Tradition, Glory to the Constitution of the Universe, Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God.

Issued under the seal of Maharaja Nader Raam
His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam
12 January 2006

• Maharishi’s Parliament of World Peace convenes in the Brahma-Sthan of India and MERU, Holland, for twelve sessions of 144 presentations, lasting from 5 February to 23 March, broadcast worldwide. The focus of these sessions is national invincibility in reference to the twelve disciplines of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, the science of consciousness, the Light of God sung throughout the ages in the holy texts of all religions.

• Maharishi plans for the creation of a permanent group of multiples of 8,000 (16,000 rising to 24,000) peace-creating experts at the Brahma-Sthan (centre) of India, and 1,008 peace-creating experts in cities across India, where peace colonies—Brahmanand Saraswati Nagar—will be established. The establishment of these groups will exceed all previous groups in peace-creating power. Through their performance of Yoga and daily Yagyas for the invincibility of every nation, the whole world will enjoy higher states of consciousness and lasting peace.

• Maharishi conducts a World Peace Assembly at MERU, Holland, with participation from 400 practitioners of Yogic Flying from across Europe, to create an Invincible Holland and serve as a model for the creation of similar groups worldwide. According to press reports, since the group of 400 Yogic Flyers was established on 12th April, the nation has enjoyed an unprecedented upsurge in positive trends.

• During the one-week Guru Purnima Celebration, 11–18 July, Maharishi launches a new initiative to establish ‘Invincibility Schools’ in thirty countries, where students will practise Yogic Flying together to maintain a high level of harmony and integration in national consciousness. This is the first phase of Maharishi’s programme to raise every nation to invincibility and create a bright new destiny for the world.

• In India, 35,000 students and teachers begin to learn Yogic Flying, and several thousand will begin around the world.

• Maharishi guides the experiences and understanding of over 2,000 Invincible America course participants at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, and in Washington, DC, USA: ‘This is what happens in the Dome [Yogic Flying hall]: A wave of infinity spreads from one end of the Dome to the other end. But the wave is not constrained by the walls. It permeates the whole collective consciousness—the whole field of unmanifest infinity.... This is what you are here for, and as the group gets larger and larger, your experiences will become even more profound.’—Maharishi

• ‘Invincible thought in invincible buildings’ is Maharishi’s formula for the creation of world peace. To maximize the coherence-creating influence of Yogic Flying, construction of white marble Peace Palaces, Schools, and Peace Colonies begins, according to the principles of Vedic Architecture.

• Maharishi guides development of the curriculum for Vedic Medicine to be the foundation for the perfect health of civilization. The central point of Maharishi Vedic Medicine is that the experience of

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