Atma—the field of Unity and silence— restores balance to the whole physiology.

• Maharishi plans to immediately raise whole nations to invincibility by establishing groups of Vedic Pandits from India around the world. ‘UNESCO has declared Vedic Chanting to be the common heritage of mankind. You have it; now you have the opportunity to use it. This is the one level on which all countries will be tied together.’—Maharishi

• In honour of the birthday anniversary of Maharishi’s beloved Master, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, and as a mark of Maharishi’s service to Him for over fifty years, on 29 to 31 December, and continuing into January, flags of invincibility are raised in 192 countries around the world.

2007 Maharishi’s Year of Capital of Global Raam Raj: Maharishi dedicates this year to the establishment of a group of 16,000 Vedic Pandits in the Capital of Global Raam Raj at the Brahma-Sthan, ‘the holiest of all the holy places in the centre of India’, to ensure that the world will be ruled by Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God, for all times to come. Through their Vedic performance of Yoga and Rudrabhishek for 192 countries, the Vedic Pandits will produce an indomitable influence of peace everywhere. ‘Vedic history, Vedic reality, presents that reign of Raam, which now, with the Grace of Guru Dev, is coming up to be the living reality of all mankind…. Life on earth will be in terms of the total potential of life, Bliss Consciousness’—Maharishi (12 January).

• Maharishi continues to guide Raam Raj Administrators and Invincibility Course participants worldwide in the knowledge of Brahma Vidya, and he provides entry to everyone into the field of Total Knowledge through the gateway of the first syllable of Rk Veda, (A), the first expression of the infinite creative potential of life.

• Maharishi also explains the role of Raam Raj Administrators in the light of Silent Administration: ‘This art of accomplishing everything by doing nothing is the rarest possible art. You do everything without doing anything. Just be on that level, the most basic transcendental field where everything is completely beyond time and space, so that nothing can obstruct it.

• Maharishi’s seven-point programme to create invincibility for every nation is adopted by the Global Financial Capital of New York, and Founders of Invincibility everywhere:

1. Crowning the nation with invincibility: creating an influence of positivity in collective consciousness through the large group practice of Yogic Flying

2. Prevention-oriented, problem-free Administration, in harmony with the Constitution of the Universe

3. Vedic Architecture in harmony with Natural Law: ‘All the problems of the world will go away with our Global Reconstruction Programme.’—Maharishi

4. Construction of Vedic Medical Colleges to create a disease-free society

5. Construction of Vedic Universities, Colleges, and Schools that offer total knowledge of Natural Law

6. Vedic Organic Agriculture—production of healthy food for happy life

7. Elimination of poverty through the support of adequate wages, housing, and education for those living in scarcity.

• Maharishi guides the establishment of the Global Financial Capitals around the world, to create an invincible world economy, based on distribution of the Global Development Currency ‘RAAM’. ‘Then the progress in the world will be with high leaps and bounds, and what we want to see—and we are going to see tomorrow, very near tomorrow—is that there will be no poverty in our world. There will be richness. There will be dignity to life.’—Maharishi (27 March)

• The third and concluding day of the global celebration of Raam Navami—the dawn of Raam Raj in the world—will be remembered throughout time as the day Maharishi brought to light his revelation of how the Constitution of the Universe functions through the delicate expression—Komalangam—of Gyan Shakti (infinite silence) and Kriya Shakti (infinite dynamism).

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