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Jyotish contains the knowledge of the cycles of time that bring about all transformations. It explains how the Laws of Nature are responsible for all changes and developments experienced in life, and how life unfolds sequentially through the steps of evolution.

Jyotish is the knowledge of the entire range of life. Its application encompasses all aspects of individual life and the life of society. Maharishi has brought to light that Jyotish is the transcendental field of consciousness—the field of pure knowledge—the all-knowing field of Jyotish-Mati* Pragya.

As a science of prediction, Jyotish brings to light the past, present, and future, thus providing the full understanding of any future trend, as well as identifying any periods that may need extra attention in order to ensure continuation of life in harmony with Natural Law. In this way Jyotish is able to avert the danger that has not yet come, as expressed in the Vedic Literature: 

Heyam duhkham anagatam
                   (Yog-Sutra, Chapter 2, Sutra 16)

Jyotish fathoms the influence of action (Karma), and on that basis, makes precise predictions and recommendations concerning the timing of events, including the knowledge of how to choose the most auspicious moment to start any action that will lead to the success of that action. 

Jyotish guides us to gain the full support of Natural Law for success and fulfilment in every aspect of life, day after day, season after season, and year after year.

* Only from this level of Cosmic Intelligence—the total potential of Natural Law—can all the Laws of Nature be inspired to promote life in success and fulfilment.


Jyotish mathematically ascertains, from the birth time* of the individual, the influences of the sun, moon, and stars that influence life, and prescribes Vedic Formulas—Yagyas—to maximize positive influences and neutralize negative influences due to his positive or negative—Vedic or non-Vedic—actions in the past or present.

The Yagya Programme is the Vedic Technology which restores the balanced relationship between the individual and his Cosmic Counterparts (the stars and planets), and renders all aspects of life in accord with the evolutionary nature of Natural Law.

The Yagya Programme is conducted by the traditional Vedic Pandits of India who have been trained by Maharishi to enliven the holistic and specific values of Natural Law through Vedic Sound. The sounds of the Vedic Mantra are the reverberations of the Laws of Nature—the Constitution of the Universe—the blueprint of creation.

Maharishi explains that Vedic Sounds are the frequencies of lively fully awake consciousness, or lively fully awake intelligence. Consciousness reverberates in speech and travels, like waves on water. All the fibres of human physiology and the entire universe are composed of frequencies of intelligence. It is the knowledge and technology of these values of intelligence, the fundamental Language of Nature, that constitutes the system of Yagya.

'Yagya is that performance which is the performance of Gyan, the performance of Total Knowledge, performance of the light of God, performance of the Will of God, which has set in motion the whole creation and its evolution—constant evolution, eternal pace of evolution, every-expanding universe, created by the light of God from the unmanifest level. Unmanifest means transcendental level—that level which is everywhere, that level which is everywhere.'

Global Press Conference, 5 May 2004

Yagya performances neutralize the influence of past actions and are capable of bringing to fruition any positive intention or resolution, because they are performed from the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law (discovered by Physics and brought to light by Maharishi as the Unified Field of Consciousness) which permeates all creation:

'It's a self-determined value, the Nitya Apaurusheya system of producing an effect from an action. . . . In one word, Yagya is a performance whereby Natural Law begins to support the resolution.'


Yagyas have been performed since time immemorial to enliven the holistic and specific values of Natural Law and enhance the evolution of life, promote balance, success, and fulfilment in all areas of individual life and society:

Navo-Navo bhavati  jayamanah
                   (Rk Veda, Mandala 10, Sukta 85, Richa 19)

That which did not exist before—ever newly evolved expression in the process of evolution—emerges from Yagya.                                                          

* This is one of several systems Jyotish uses to determine the positive and negative influences in individual life.

Maharishi explains that Yagyas are not humanly conceived procedures. They are Nitya and Apaurusheya—eternal and true for all times. They are performed in the language of the transcendental field, through which the transcendental field itself speaks. They are the language of the Self itself, which is the Vedic Language.

Vedic Pandits

The correct performance of Yagya by properly trained Vedic Pandits is essential. Vedic Pandits have been thoroughly trained in India under Maharishi's guidance to be deeply grounded in the Vedic Tradition and perform from that silent level of expanded consciousness which will ensure the most powerful and correct results.

Thousands of Vedic Pandits of India have been performing Yagyas for individuals, for families, for organizations, for nations, and for the whole world on a daily basis for over two decades. The resulting purification of world consciousness is creating a phase* transition,  which is laying the ground for world peace.

In conclusion, the Jyotish and Yagya Programmes provide a very powerful technology to avert and minimize problems, and enhance success in all areas of life.

'I invite everyone to take advantage of this very beautiful procedure called Yagya. . . . Everyone who has a good will for his children should perform Yagyas for the children. They will be saved from going wrong; they will be saved from getting into mistakes; they'll be saved from being failures; they'll be saved from being problematic to themselves and to the society. Yagya—perform Yagya, perform Yagya.'

Global Press Conference, 5 May 2004

* Maharishi has indicated that a transformation of the collective consciousness of mankind is essential to permanently establish world peace and create Heaven on Earth: 'I am trying to collect as large numbers of Vedic Pandits as possible in order to have a global influence, a global influence.' (Global Press Conference, 5 May 2004)

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The Jyotish and Yagya Programmes strengthen and support progress and fulfillment in all areas of life: education, science, health, administration, law, justice and rehabilitation, industry, economy, management, defence, agriculture, world peace, and cultural integrity.

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